The Academia Arcoíris Sagrado (previously called The Psychic & Mediumship Academy) was founded in 2007 by Sabrina Jenkins. All started when Sabrina was searching for answers to her paranormal experiences that were part of her life since childhood. She spent her free time searching everywhere for answers in her country Colombia including libraries and asking psychics how she could develop, also navigating on the internet (in the early days of the internet), but all this was in vain because she could not find the right answers; psychics did not help her as it meant they could lose business and in the internet there was no information about the world of mediumship in Spanish.
In 2005 Sabrina came to live in the UK and she searched the internet in English and was very excited to find out that this country had a long history in spirituality and mediumship since the 1800's, so without any hesitation she enrrolled herself at The College of Psychic Studies in London. At the college very quickly she reached the advanced level and worked at the college in open evinings as a medium. She also studied in other places such as The Arthur Findlay College and The London Spiritual Mission where she works as a medium providing services. She is also currently learning from her mentors, the international mediums Gordon Smith and Steven Levett.
Sabrina is a medium that in her spare time enjoy working with the spirit and helping those in need in the spirit world and this plane. She has been working as a nurse for many years and she loves the caring side of nursing helping in silence the transition of those patients who were in the terminal stage of their disease and sending healing to the patients that were unwell. Sabrina wanted to share her knowledge of spiritualism is Spanish speaking countries, so in 2007 is when she decided to open de Academy. 
Sabrina has been working closely with Mediums, psychic surgeons and White Witches in Mexico, Spain, Colombia and in the UK to make sure the academy offers the best up to date evidence and strategies available for the students to succeed.

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