Psychic & mediumship development

Would you like to develop your psychic and mediumship abilities? This class is for all those interested in the world of mediumship and want to work as a professional or perhaps just want to learn to be a medium to help their family and friends.

Connecting with your spirit guide

This class will give you the appropriate tools to learn how to connect and communicate with your spirit guide in a safe way. Inviting your spirit guide to your life will increase your psychic and mediumship abilities and help you to make a bridge between this word and the next.

Getting closer to your guardian angel

We all have a guardian angel that has been with us before we were born. In this class you will learn how to stablish that connection to communicate with your guardian angel and receive messages that can support you in your life or perhaps help you clients to find an answer to their dilemmas.

Contacting the archangels

The archangels are beings of light and love. They are very powerful and when you work with them your life will not be the same. This class will help you to connect with any archangel and start making that change in your life. You will never regret it!
Please note that you will need to email us with the name of the archangel you would like to connect to, so we can prepare the right tools for you.

Meditation for psychic development 

 Meditation is the key to quiet the mind so we can expand our consciousness and develop further our psychic and mediumship abilities. Meditation will also improve your physical and mental health and bring you peace of  mind. Come and join our meditation classes to learn how to connect yourself to higher realms and relax.

Psychic art 

  Psychic art is a very creative way of exploring the world of mediumship! In this class you will learn how to make a connection with the spirit world and put down in paper by drawing. You don't need to be an artist, or know how to draw, you just need to give it a go!
Please note that you will need to bring your colour, crayons and pastels.

Aura colour 

 In this class you will have fun and learn how to draw an aura and  psychically connect to the clients to interpret what you draw in paper.
Please note that you will need to bring your pencil, colour, crayons or pastels.


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Akashic records

Learning how to read your Akashic Records is an experience you that will benefit you (and others) for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  It will help you reveal the practical path your life is on while assisting you in understanding the deeper spiritual meaning behind what is really going on. This class will empower you to make the needed adjustments you need to do, to set you back on course.  The future is not set in stone, and the more we can realize who we once were, the easier we can re-create who we are today and will be tomorrow.


During this séance we will seek to get in touch with family, guides and angels from the spirit world. Come and learn how to self discover, explorre the many different ways in how we can get in touch with the spirit world in a place that is blessed and protected.