Sabrina Jenkins

I have been a nurse for many years working in the private sector and the national service. I have also been a psychic and medium since I was a child. I used to see spirits of humans and animals around me. When I was 4 years I took my father's Spanish playing cards and discovered that I could read the past, present and the future. In my primary, secondary and also in university I used to spend my free time doing readings for friends.

Since coming to the UK I joined the College of Psychic Studies and The Arthur Findlay College where I reached the Advanced Level. I also joined the London Spiritual Mission where I continued to develop my abilities and work with the public. I am a natural psychic and medium who is very compassionate always bringing through positive information. I am able to spiritually guide my clients and students in all their day to day problems and offer confidential and down to earth support and information. 

I can communicate with your loved ones in spirit, including your pets, angels and your spirit guide to bring you messages of love. I am a psychotherapist and counsellor, I specialise in hypnotherapy and past life regression and I combine all this mixed skills and abilities to offer the best support and guidance as possible.

I currently run an on-line mediumship programme to Hispanic speaking students, I teach face to face classes and I do one to one readings.


Sabrina Jenkins
“Death is just a phase in our lives, a transition. In reality death does not exist, when we die we are born again and comeback to our real home.”

Sabrina's professions

  • Registered nurse
  • Public health
  • Past life therapist
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Professional relaxation therapist
  •  Counselling and psychotherapist
  • Business and Marketing
  • Professional psychic & medium
  • Kinesiology (in progress)
  • Angelic reiki therapist
  • Spiritual healer
  • White magic (in progress)
  • Colour therapist
  • Professional dowser
  • Akashic record practitioner
  • Dream therapist
  • Energy release therapy